Louisiana Partner Manufacturers


Y & Z Purge and Pressurization Systems for Placing Non-Classified and/or Division 2 Equipment in Hazardous Locations


KLEMSAN DIN Rail Mounted Screw, Spring, & Push-In Terminal Blocks; Circuit Protection; Power Supplies; Wire Ferrules; Cutting, Stripping, Crimping Tools; Screwdrivers; DIN Rail; PLC Interface Solutions; Cable Grips; PCB Terminals; Wiring Duct


UL Types 1, 3R, 4, 4X, & 12 Electrical Enclosures in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Fiberglass, PolyCarbonate, and Aluminum; Pushbutton, Disconnect, Electronic, and Instrumentation Enclosures; Custom & Modified Standard Enclosures



Trapped Key Interlocks, Interlock Switches & Control Devices, Safety Gate Switches for Robotics, Switchgear, Machinery, Valves, Hazardous Locations, and More.



SCR & Power Controllers with Integrated PID Regulation for Controlling Linear & Non-Linear Resistive Loads up to 600A, Solid State Relays, Temperature & Process Controllers with PID Control

Linear & Angular Position Transducers, Industrial Pressure Transducers & Transmitters, Force Transducers,                 & Temperature Sensors

AC & DC Variable Frequency Drives, AC Solar Pump Variable Frequency Drives; ServoDrives & Motors


Control Power Transformers, DIN Rail DC Power Supplies, DC UPS, IP67 Power Supplies, Line & Load Reactors, DC Link Chokes, Low Voltage General Purpose Transformers, Buck-Boost Transformers, Custom Transformers, Custom Coils, Custom Inductors



Stepper Motors, Brushless DC Motors, Motor Controllers, DC Servo Motors w/Integrated Controller, Linear Drive Actuators, Threaded Screws for Linear Drives, Gears, Encoders, Safety Brakes, Accessories.



Thermal Management, Liquid Cooling Solutions, and Signaling Technologies

Pfannenberg is a global manufacturer of products and solutions developed to keep critical plant operations online and personnel safe. Product portfolio includes: Filterfans®, Enclosure Air Conditioners, Chillers, Air/Water Heat Exchangers, Air/Air Heat Exchangers, Water/Water Heat Exchangers, Thermostats, Heaters, Hygrostats, Stacklights, Audible and Visual Signaling Alarms, Service Solutions 



Rugged C-Shaped Linear Rail and Linear Bearings, Belt Driven and Ball Screw Driven Actuators Compact Rail, Curviline Non-Linear Rail, Easyslide Rail, Uniline Linear Actuator, Mono Rail, Telescopic Rail, X-Rail Harsh Environment Rail, Light Rail



Vision Sensors & Systems; Distance Sensors; Color, Contrast, & Luminescence Sensors; Photoelectric Sensors; Proximity Sensors; FiberOptic Sensors; Fork Sensors & Optical Windows; Ultrasonic Sensors; Accessories


Motor Protection Relays monitoring Phase, Voltage, Current, Frequency, Temperature; Load Monitoring Relays with Active Power, Power Factor, Communication Functions; MultiFunction and Single Function Timing Relays; Liquid Level Monitoring Relays; Softstarters; Solid State and Electromechanical Switching Relays; Solar/Wind Grid Protection Relays; DC Power Supplies; Non-Metallic Enclosures

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Secure Solutions for Internet Communication, Remote Access, VPN, Remote Maintenance, Remote Dialing, Support System, IIoT, Industry 4.0, Cyber Security, Access Management, Data Visualization, Data Collection, Secure Video, Traffic Control, Transportation, Integrator Business Enhancement, Data Logging, Continuous Monitoring, and Predictive Maintenance


IEC60309 Pin & Sleeve Connectors, Heavy Duty Rectangular Connectors, Portable Power Distribution Systems, Custom Power Distribution Systems, Mechanical Interlock Devices, Manual Disconnect Switches, Liquid Tight Dome Connectors, Remote Access Interface Ports


Machine Guarding Systems, Wire Partitions & Cages, Safety Panels, Protective Railings, Woven & Welded Wire Mesh Panels