In 2023 I was asked to join Adrian with Freight Byte to speak on his podcast, where he delves into intriguing conversations with industry leaders. Today, I’m excited to share our discussion. In this enlightening conversation, we explore the journey of building a successful industrial automation sales firm, the challenges faced, and the keys to long-term success.

**Adrian**: Hi, this is Adrian from the Freight Byte Podcast. Today, we’re joined by Brady Waters. Brady, could you introduce yourself?

**Brady**: Hello, everyone. I’m Brady Waters, the President and CEO of the Brady Waters Company, specializing in industrial automation sales based in Plano, Texas.

**Adrian**: What led you to start your company?

**Brady**: Well, I’ve always been fascinated by technical aspects. After college, I found myself drawn to products focused on automating industries. This passion led me to establish my company, specializing in electrical and mechatronic automation.

**Adrian**: Impressive! With nearly three decades in business, what are the biggest problems you solve for your clients?

**Brady**: Trust is paramount. In an industry with limited trustworthy partners, we pride ourselves on being reliable and integrity-driven. Building trust with our clients has been our top priority.

**Adrian**: How do you differentiate yourselves in a competitive market?

**Brady**: By consistently delivering on our promises and being authentic. We focus on being trustworthy advisors and prioritize long-term relationships over short-term gains.

**Adrian**: You mentioned ambitious growth plans. What strategies do you have in place for the future?

**Brady**: We’re methodical in our approach, setting quarterly goals and breaking them down into actionable steps. Our aim is to double the size of our company in the next three years by expanding our team and serving more clients.

**Adrian**: Your perseverance is inspiring. Can you share a project you’re particularly proud of?

**Brady**: One memorable experience was landing AT&T as a client after nearly two years of persistence. Despite countless rejections, I kept showing up, and eventually, our integrity and dedication paid off.

**Adrian**: Your resilience is commendable. How do you maintain such perseverance?

**Brady**: Growing up on a farm taught me the value of patience and hard work. I apply the same principles to business, understanding that success often requires persistence and grit.

**Adrian**: Absolutely! Your journey underscores the importance of resilience. Looking ahead, what are your priorities and visions for the industry?

**Brady**: The industry is evolving rapidly, with consolidation posing challenges. We aim to remain agile, focusing on our people and nurturing long-term partnerships amidst market shifts.

**Adrian**: Your commitment to people-centric strategies is commendable. Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

**Brady**: Stay positive, find joy in the journey, and never underestimate the power of perseverance. Building a successful business requires dedication, integrity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

**Adrian**: Thank you for sharing your insights, Brady. It’s been a pleasure chatting with you.

**Brady**: Likewise, Adrian. Thank you for the opportunity.

From Adrian:  “From the importance of trust and perseverance to the strategies for sustainable growth, Brady’s journey exemplifies the essence of entrepreneurial success. As industries evolve, embracing integrity, resilience, and a people-centric approach remains paramount for navigating challenges and achieving long-term prosperity. We look forward to witnessing the continued success of the Brady Waters Company as they inspire and innovate in the realm of industrial automation.”

You can listen to this episode of the podcast here.