January 20, 2021

By: Brady Waters

Having a resource that you can trust is important, right?  You want to know the people you trust will treat you fairly.  That is not too much to ask, even with the world we live in so focused on selfishness and polarization. 

I am a big fan of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  The 7 Habits are a solid guide for living that applies to everything we do.  Habit number 4 is my favorite…Think Win-Win.  This is where our second core value originated, and it drives our interactions with our manufacturer clients, our team members, and our customers. 

Our second core value is fairness. 

There are other habits wrapped up in our practice of fairness, as well.  We are proactive (Habit 1) in finding opportunities to interact with customers and manufacturer clients, we have a plan for our actions and begin with the end in mind (Habit 2), and we are strategic in the way we approach opportunities as we put first things first (Habit 3).  These behaviors prepare us for finding ways to help people while navigating a win for our manufacturer clients, our customers, and our company. 

So, we are really striving for a win-win-win! 

It would not be possible to reach a win-win-win scenario, though, if we did not understand the circumstances, the participants, and the variables, so it is our practice to listen more than we talk.  Put into Stephen Covey’s words, we seek first to understand and THEN be understood (Habit 5).

With the initial goal of finding win-win-win solutions to challenges, we establish a framework within which we can work together.  When everyone involved is striving toward the same goal, we can achieve a lot more than we could individually or alone.  We all gain more by helping each other!  It is almost like we are creating new math:  1+1=3.  This is Habit 6 – Synergize.

Our practice of fairness is about being a trusted, valuable resource for the people and companies we serve, with the assurance that we are working with their best interests in mind. 

We are here to help people.  Plain and simple.