A Conversation with Brady Waters: Building Trust, Perseverance, and Success in Industrial Automation

In 2023 I was asked to join Adrian with Freight Byte to speak on his podcast, where he delves into intriguing conversations with industry leaders. Today, I’m excited to share our discussion. In this enlightening conversation, we explore the journey of building a successful industrial automation sales firm, the challenges faced, and the keys to […]

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2021: Year In Review

What a year! 

I started off 2021 with high ambitions for doing a LOT of extra things really well.  I was going to post a blog every other week, create social media content in a dedicated time slot every week, workout on a regular schedule, and keep my office orderly the whole year.  Well, I didn’t. 

This […]

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Febuary 3, 2021

By: Brady Waters

What is “the right thing”?  You hear people talking about doing “the right thing” all the time, but you rarely hear anyone clarify what “the right thing” is.  It is like “the right thing” is some universally known thing!  I know some people whose definition of “the right thing” is far […]

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January 20, 2021

By: Brady Waters

Having a resource that you can trust is important, right?  You want to know the people you trust will treat you fairly.  That is not too much to ask, even with the world we live in so focused on selfishness and polarization. 

I am a big fan of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits […]

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January 5, 2021

By: Brady Waters

When I set out to establish the core values for our company 20 years ago, the first was easy.  Faith is our first and most important core value.  The word itself conjures different thoughts and reactions from different people, and I am asked frequently what it means for our first core […]

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